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Medical device faucet fell from 64 to 3 yuan, 9 billion 300 million of the mysterious capital, and the blue ribbon technology at the end of the year.

Under the double impact of the periphery and the internal adjustment and adjustment, after a large low opening in the early morning, a slight pull went down quickly, once broken to 20 lines, the lowest hit to 3459 points, in the bank, insurance, the head of the Chinese stock and the real estate plate and so on the weight of the plate shock and pull, after the midday big plate once red, again down to kill the bottom of the bottom To the 20 line after pulling up, but in panic selling, such as pressure, stock index closed low ten line. The measure has all the magnification compared to yesterday. Deep into the air, the ten lines of the small Yin are opened, and the gem is slumped. Show the pattern of release and fall. In the plate, the bank and the insurance certificate 50 shares, and the steel, colored and coal, science and technology shares and securities companies become the main force, most of them put on big dives. Most of the stocks fell. There are only more than 500 red chip stocks, of which 24 are trading stocks, while 139 of them have reached the limit.

On the trend, the market has fallen for three days in a row, with an amplitude of more than 133 points. Shenzhen and the gem are three successive falls, jumping off the market to cut the leek market performance of the best. On the trend, tomorrow's market is likely to explore the 20 support again.

Technically, the five line is down to 3502 points tomorrow, the ten line slows down, at 3518, and will go down to 10, the 20 line up to 3570, or support the stock index. Considering the downward divergence of KDJ, it has not yet touched the bottom, and the adjustment of MACD green pillar will continue. However, because of random indicators, two cities 15 minutes away from the end, 30 minutes KDJ run up, MACD green column short, tomorrow morning after the next exploration, two cities will usher in the rebound after the third company. As the short term has not yet stabilized, the market also has 20 and 3500 points between the possibility of repeated, tomorrow should still be high. If you collect the line tomorrow, afternoon is the best time to pick up the low.

Tomorrow, as early as the first 3460-20 line interval, there will be a rebound from the 3500 point five line, after the backpumping, or will fall again, and around 3480 near the possibility of shock. For example, if the early morning begins to rebound above 3500 points, it will get out of the trend of rising and then suppress.

Zheng Hai (300653), 3 consecutive days turnover rate of more than 10%, the transaction is very active.

The average cost in the near future is 50.73 yuan, and the share price runs below the cost. In the bull market, the upward trend has slowed down, and can be appropriately thrown up. The stock has recently had some significant positive news, but the capital outflow is still unclear. The operation of the company is acceptable. Most agencies believe that the long-term investment value of the company is high and investors can pay more attention to it.

Short term trend: in a strong upward trend, you can buy in a bargain and not consider short selling.

Medium-term trend: steel trend has slowed down, the right amount of high throwing low suction.