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The two cities of Shanghai and Shenzhen have opened up medical instruments to lead the rise

Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities opened high on Friday, and two cities rose or fell. The Shanghai composite index opened at 3192.04 points, up 0.37%; the Shenzhen stock index index reported 10789.77 points, up 0.59%, and the gem index reported 1840.87 points, up 0.77%.

On the disk, medical devices, domestic software and other sectors are among the top gainers, Lok medical limited, Wandong Medical Care rose more than 7%, and startup software rose nearly 6%. In the early days, the active gold shares declined, while the western gold reached more than 9%.

State Securities believes that the short-term market has entered a shock pattern, and structural opportunities still exist. From a long-term perspective, asset allocation clock still points to equity market, and the A share market is ready to go. Standing at the current time point, it is recommended to take "undervalued value and industry leader" as the basis of allocation.